“Once You Go In” – Three Weeks Post-Pub

Hello again!

“Once You Go In” is enjoying a solid initial launch thanks to YOU and all your support and kindness for a new author. On the eve of its pub date, I got a call from my publisher saying we’ve sold through the initial print run and need to order a second print run ASAP. That was an exciting moment for me. My goal had always been to sell through my first print run of 1500 at some point in the first few months following launch, but I hadn’t expected to sell through them BEFORE the book’s official release! That’s one big win for me, my publisher, and this new exciting world of indie publishing.

My local launch party was well attended and a fun time (I hope) for all. It was pretty emotional for me to see so many faces in one room who have inspired, challenged, and supported me through the years in this project in one way or another. When addressing the crowd — former bosses, professors, colleagues, students, friends, and family — it finally hit me. I’m an author. And I wouldn’t be one without the people in that room. Writing is so far from the solitary experience people make it out to be. Sure, I typed out the sentences alone, but I wouldn’t have known the mechanics of a sharp sentence without the red edits from my boss at my first newspaper job, and I wouldn’t have captured the intricacies of a Pentecostal girlhood without the late night conversations with friends with shared experiences, and I wouldn’t have the bravery to share my story without a family who cheered me on. I get chills thinking about it still.

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